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2nd PhD Workshop on System Integration of Renewable Energy (WSIRE 2014)

Decreasing natural energy resources, the reduction of emissions, the global climate change, and rising energy costs are important reasons for the extension of renewable energy resources. A new power system of renewables should be ecologically friendly, stable, and affordable. This system change is a multidisciplinary task, affords the development of new technologies, and the optimization of their interplay.

The objective of WSIRE 2014 is to bring together researchers on the PhD level from multiple disciplines (chemistry, computer science, economics, physics, etc.) to present their research results, to discuss integration technologies and initiate multidisciplinary and international projects. WSIRE is jointly organized by the PhD program “Systemintegration Erneuerbarer Energien” and the PhD Program Renewable Energy (

Conference Program:


The WSIRE 2014 conference and workshop program will take place at the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) in Delmenhorst (

Important Dates

Registration until 12th of September 2014: Link to Registration:
Conference: 8th - 9th of October 2014

Oliver Kramer and Andreas Günther (Conference Organization Chair, University of Oldenburg)
Nils A. Treiber and Jarek Puczylowski (Organization Chair, University of Oldenburg)
Petra Oetken (Administration, University of Oldenburg)

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