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Green Information Systems

The Green Information Systems (Green IS) research direction addresses research in Sustainable Energy Management. This includes research in information systems and information systems technologies involved with the topics energy turnaround and energy efficiency, renewables and demand side management, plugin electrical vehicles, more efficient heating systems and refrigeration systems, intelligent lighting, smart buildings and cities, flexible distribution networks, green computing and green data centers.

The major goal is an improved energy efficiency of various systems by using intelligent information technology. An improved energy efficiency has in many cases also the positive side effect of cost reduction, less emissions and a lower consumption of fossil energy sources. The methods can be applied on various levels as in companies or in households or in single rooms but also on the large scale of cities, administrative districts or countries if thinking e.g. on carbon dioxide balancing or on different levels of the electrical grid. Our research focuses on developing models and specifying and developing prototypes of IT systems which pursue the goals of this research direction. Also various data analysis techniques are applied. A specific goal is the flexibilization of demand in the energy grid and the development of a methodical framework to support this, known as demand side management.

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