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SITA Initiative - What is this all about?

SITA-Research is an initiative which aims to encourage the collaboration of IT scientists world wide to develop Sustainable Information Technologies and Applications - or short - Sustainable IT.

Concerning sustainability we stick to the definition of the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations on March 20, 1987: Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Actually we do not aim to formally define what Sustainable IT means in detail. Instead we focus on simple principles which sustainable IT solutions should meet:

Longevity - Efficiency - Refinability - Scalability

Furthermore we have three major research directions which describe and cover our work. This includes to encourage research on what IT can contribute to those fields and in these directions. In the following our major research fields are described in more detail.

The Green Information Systems (Green IS) research direction addresses research in Sustainable Energy Management. This includes research in information systems and information systems technologies involved with the topics energy turnaround and energy efficiency, renewables and demand side management, plugin electrical vehicles, more efficient heating systems and refrigeration systems, intelligent lighting, smart buildings and cities, flexible distribution networks, green computing and green data centers.

The Sustainability in Enterprise IT research direction addresses research in efficient long term oriented Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). This includes IT innovations which allow process innovation and increased efficiency, IT triggered product innovation, innovation and efficiency based on improved enterprise analytics (simulation optimization, business intelligence, holistic approaches, strategic optimization, etc.). A special focus is on the longevity of EIS based on improved system adaptivity, connectivity to existing systems, standardization, utilization of the IT platform idea.

The Sustainable CS Methods and Techniques research direction addresses research in new and more efficient and more capable algorithms and computer science methods and techniques. This includes algorithm engineering and analysis, experimental algorithms and approaches, prototyping techniques, innovation in and development of compiler and tuner techniques, software-hardware co-design, innovations in software engineering concerning improved long term refineability and enhanceability of software, innovations in computer architecture and programming paradigms.

by Dr. Radut